IZENWORT [aj’zε’wзrt] mountain tea from Albania


Popular for more than two millennia: the hand-picked flowers, leaves and stems of the Sideritis Raeseri plant were already processed into delicious infusions by the Romans. Often also in order to appease the parties before a peace negotiation, because the tea has a mood-lifting effect.



A litre of Izenwort mountain tea every day relaxes and calms you. The light sweetness of the tea and its strong herbal note reveal the aromas of fennel, sage and liquorice. Perfect for a cosy afternoon tea or a gentle nightcap.



Healing Power

Soul and body – healthy and strong. Sideritis Raeseri aids brain functions, protects against inflammation and helps to regulate digestion.Already in ancient times the tea was used to cleanse wounds because of its anti-inflammatory properties.