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Hier finden Sie einige häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ).

Why do you call the mountain tea Izenwort?

"Izen" is Old English for "iron", "wort" for "root". Much has been passed down about the anti-inflammatory and peacemaking effect of this tea, which was already popular in ancient times. We wanted to give our collected tea its own "note" with the name, because the wild tea plant, exposed to wind and weather, contains the most healing active ingredients, and thus stands out from the variants grown in other countries. 

Why is the tea only available in 250g paper packaging ?

In our experience, our customers drink the tea every day, especially in the cold season - and most of them the whole family. That is why we have dispensed with small packages and supply a "family pack" that lasts for 8-10 weeks. We also want to contribute to the fact that small packages are not constantly being sent across the landscape.

Where can I find out about the scientific facts ?

Here we have compiled the most important study results for doctors and therapists.

Why do you distribute the tea at all?

It is an incredibly great natural product, comes directly from the collector to us and - most importantly - Sideritis Raeseri has so many healing properties and is an "entry-level" antidepressant - see the study to this. We have gone from being convinced connoisseurs to being convinced people. Before anyone asks the family doctor for antidepressants: first drink a litre a day for 2-3 weeks and see if that doesn't help to alleviate the depression.