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Mountain tea (“Çaj Mali” in Albanian) is one of the most popular warm drinks in the Balkan Peninsula – found in over 150 variations of which some are only endemic to a specific mountain area of the Balkans. First described for its health benefits in the oldest known book on plant medicine, “De Materia Medica” from Dioscurides, warm brewed mountain tea has long been used in Albania to treat respiratory problems, digestion problems, to boost the immune system and help heal a number of other maladies. It is also simply enjoyed as a refreshing drink throughout the day, year-round. For more information on the study-proven health benefits and history of mountain tea, visit this link.

ALLES has chosen the carefully collected Albanian mountain tea Sideritis raeseri. It has a slightly wooden base and pale, yellow flowers.  Its stalk and leaves are covered in long hairs, giving the plant a grayish appearance. Sideritis raeseri has adapted to survive with little water and soil. It reaches its optimum growth in high altitudes, in subalpine and alpine regions between 1000m and 2000m – proven to provide the most content of health benefiting ingredients. 

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Ingredients: Sideritis raeseri

Location: Southern Albania

Certifications: Organic, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

Product no.: IZEN250

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For brewing instructions, visit this link.

Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Best if stored in glass and ceramic containers.  Avoid storing in plastic or stainless-steel containers.

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1 x ALLES Izenwort 250 g, 6 x ALLES Izenwort 250 g


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